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The sound of silence

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வகை:   கட்டுரைகள்

பதிப்பகம்:  தாரிணி பதிப்பகம்(Dharini Publishers)

கணேசன், VSM




Antarctica is a mysterious continent. It was – it is – it will be as long as the earth mass rotates on the 23 and half degree leaning axis. No one can claim that he knows about the behavior of this continent as it changes its colours depending upon earth rotation. Col. P. Ganesan and his team of 14 members of India’s 5th winter team spent 480 days at this icy continent. This book Titled as “Sound Of Silence and Voices of Isolation” gives glimpses of their wintering. It also suggests that human capability is unlimited and no external force can block the progress of a man. The limitation is always from within.

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