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சரித்திரம் படைக்கத் தயாராகும் சன்னாநல்லூர்

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வகை:   கட்டுரைகள்

எழுத்தாளர்:   கர்னல்.பா. கணேசன், VSM




Sannanallur was a small rural village and in 1940s Col. Ganesan was born and brought up in an absolute rural background of this village. From this village, he rose to be a national leader of this great country India. If this could happen in today's modern world, your children should aspire to address United Nations General Assembly or a mission leader to Moon or Mars in future. This book titled as "Sarithiram Padaikkath Thayaragum Sannanallur" (Sannanallur preparing to create a History ) will inspire the rural youth to achieve great heights in life.

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